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Schuler Solutions translates psychological insight and wisdom into actionable strategies and measurable results for your business.  Our insight into human behavior, both as individuals and as members of groups, transforms your business initiatives into successful plans that promote commitment among those needed for success.  Whether you are transforming your business processes with new technology, engaged in strategic planning, developing your people or building coalitions to solve "unsolvable" problems, we'll develop your road map for success and support you along the way.

Based in Alexandria, Virginia, Schuler Solutions serves both commercial and public sector clients.  We provide the following GSA schedule services:  SIN 874-1 Integrated Business Consulting (NAICS 541611) and 874-4 Professional and Management Development Training (NAICS 611430).




Alexandria, Virginia

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Business Transformation

The best designed strategies and technology implementations wither and die if people won’t embrace them.  Whether you are implementing new enterprise software, new business processes or reorganizing operations, we’ll partner with you from the outset to design and implement state of the art approaches for stakeholder adoption to ensure you achieve return on your investment.

Leadership and Team Development

Effective learning changes behavior.  Whether you need instructor led training, coaching, standardized assessments, seminars or retreats, we’ll implement the right mix for you to help your people learn and grow.

Organizational Assessment

Find out how well you are operating and achieving your mission.  We will design and implement survey and other data collection methods to measure how well you are operating and achieving your goals – results you will use to make the right strategic decisions.

Facilitation and Decision Support

The greatest breakthroughs come from gathering people who don’t ordinarily work together to solve problems they can’t solve on their own.  We’ll help you break down silos, engage stakeholders, facilitate work groups, implement communications and measure results.

Strategic Planning

We will design, implement and facilitate a strategic planning process that’s right for you, your mission and your key stakeholders.  Through the right process design, implementation and communications, you’ll develop a plan your organization will adopt and live by.

Negotiation Planning and Support

Knowing the law is not enough to maximize your success during high risk, high reward negotiations.  From potentially collaborative situations to high stakes competition, involving few or many parties, you need tools, methods and strategies to help you incorporate, not only a structural assessment of the negotiation and leverage landscape, but an understanding of the human factors and interests at play.  We will walk you through a disciplined framework that will deliver a strategic plan for maximizing your interests and chances for success.


We only accomplish exceptional things through exceptional understanding of others.
— A. J. Schuler, Psy. D.


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