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Solution to Go #1: Internal Business Communications Should Have a Voice


Are you communicating with people in your organization, but find too many people are tuning you out?

Are your people so fatigued with change that your efforts to share with them the information they need are going nowhere?

Have you become good at understanding the needs of different stakeholders when planning communications, but still struggle to get people's attention?

Are you resorting to flashy design tips and tricks to get your messages heard, but they're not producing sustainable results?

You may have reached the point where your messages have been overcome by the fog of "corporate speak," the result of too many people vetting your messages so that they inadvertently lose all sense of humanity or personality. 

Just as the best conversations happen directly from person to person, so too do the best communications preserve some sense of a human voice, a personality.

With that in mind, here's our first edition of an ongoing series of Schuler "Solutions to Go."  Check it out!